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January 16, 2020 | 3 min read

Last week we covered some new additions to the platform, and this week we’re going to go highlight some awesome titles with recent updates.

Check out these awesome, recently updated VR titles available on the SpringboardVR Marketplace!

1) Tower Tag

Their team pushed an update recently that gives players the chance to swap teams and vote for game modes as well as the next map. The 'randomness' of the streamlined version is now almost gone and, of course, supports continuous play without an attendant having to interfere to make changes.

SpringboardVR customers can add Tower Tag to their library by following the button below.

Add Tower Tag to Your Library

2) Pistol Whip

Cloudhead Games just added two new modifiers to Pistol Whip, “No Obstacles and Unarmed Enemies,” which is aimed at making the game more accessible for people who have mobility issues or just want to work on their aim without being shot at.

SpringboardVR customers can add Pistol Whip to their library by following the button below.

Add Pistol Whip to Your Library

3) Ninja Legends

The team at Coinflip Studios recently rolled out their Archery update to give their title even more fun weaponry to play around with.

The update includes different game modes and levels for the user to test their bow skills, and they even added the longbow into the regular game.

SpringboardVR customers can add Ninja Legends to their library by following the button below.

Add Ninja Legends to Your Library

4) Clash of Chefs

This title's upcoming update will add the Italian Kitchen to the game! With the various game modes to enjoy, this update tasks you with cooking different kinds of pizza and pasta dishes for customers and is all the fun of the original restaurant but with fun new mechanics and an awesome environment. 

Update goes live on January 17!   

SpringboardVR customers can add Clash of Chefs to their library by following the button below.

Add Clash of Chefs to Your Library

As always thanks for tuning in and check our channel for more content videos!

Hunter Lane
Content Aquisition Lead | SpringboardVR

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