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December 4, 2020 | 4 min read

VRTrend Magazine's first issue in November was a hit with the VR community and their next issue is right around the corner!

We sat down with the founders, Daniel Nelmar and Kody Sturgis to learn more about their community-driven publication and what they want to bring to the industry. 

Q: What made you want to start a VR focused magazine? 

We wanted to be more involved with the VR community, after tirelessly trying to reinvent the wheel we took a step back and thought about our past growing up with new technology and what we remember from it. One of those memories was gaming magazines. Why not bring our passion for VR into the nostalgia of gaming magazines? 

I put out a generic tweet on my Twitter asking if anyone would be interested and the rest was history. In a world where people are bombarded with digital content people still like the tangible. They want connection and in an industry where we don't have physical games and this gives them something to collect.

Q: What has the reception so far been for the magazine and how many subscribers do you have?  

The reception has been unreal; we are currently at 180 subscribers 3 months in. We have sent magazines to more than 30 VR arcades to see what feedback we can get from them and we mail worldwide.

Q: From the first, issue what are a few of your favorite articles/pieces in it? 

The POPULATION: ONE article by Sonya Hasko was amazing that mixed with your Arcade Highlight of DNA VR article really gave the magazine sustenance.

Q: For arcades especially, why is VRTrend Magazine something they should consider having at their locations? 

As a frequenter of VR arcades (shoutout VRCDA in CDA Idaho), I spent a good amount of time lounging around waiting for a booth, I also wished the arcade I was at was more informational. Playing VR is cool but learning about what's coming and what to look forward to is even better.

If arcades want to purchase bulk and resell they are welcome. If they want us to custom brand the cover to their arcade we can do that as well. We want customers to know there is a large community in VR because we want them to want to be a part of it. That will keep them coming back. Build a community around VR. It's not just an arcade it's your door to the metaverse!

Checkout the VRTrend Magazine website for more information and to grab your subscription for the upcoming issue!

Learn more about VRTrend Magazine!

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Thanks to the VRTrend Magazine team for sitting down with us to chat more about their magazine and don't forget to grab an Arcade-tier subscription for your location!

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Hunter Lane
Marketing & Community Lead | SpringboardVR

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