Understanding the Commercial Licensing Problem


October 27, 2017 | 2 min read

You may have heard stories in regards to the problem many game developers have been facing since the birth of the VR Arcade Market. UploadVR recently published an article on the problem: How to Legally Start a VR Arcade.

The reality is that most arcade owners actually do want to play by the rules, it’s just that the process of getting a commercial license can often be very painful. And even if you can get a hold of a developer, or find a commercial license on Steam, they are still paying a flat monthly fee. This massively restricts the game library owners can offer in their VR Arcade.

Pay-Per-Minute Pricing
Pay-Per-Minute commercial licensing has been a hot topic ever since the announcement of Viveport Arcade. However, at 16 cents a minute, poor revenue splits to game devs, limited arcade management tools, and an exaggerated library, it didn’t take off very well.

Viveport arcade offers only 1 game in the top 10 most played and 5 in the top 20.

What do Both Parties Want?
Over the past 6 months we have had hundreds of conversations with game developers and arcade owners, really looking to understand the problems both parties were facing.


want to make games and get paid. They don’t enjoy fielding hundreds of email inquiries regarding licensing their game.


want to easily pick and choose what content they want to offer on a pay per minute scale.

Our Solution
We have heard a wide variety of opinions on what the pay-per-minute pricing of VR content in commercial settings should be. We finally decided that no one actually knows, and that the healthiest thing to do would be to let the market figure itself out. We fully expect to continue conversations and make tweaks to the platform as we progress.

So with nearly 200 locations currently using the platform, SpringboardVR is now on-boarding game developers to have full control of their pay per minute pricing. Time tracking of content is automated, arcades will be billed and money will be sent to the appropriate game developers automatically.

If you are a game developer and want to participate in the program, we would be happy to have you! Just click the link below to sign up today.

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