NYC Bungee from Blackwall Labs free for a month!

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January 21, 2020 | 2 min read

We hope the New Year has started off well for everyone and this week we’re highlighting an awesome title from a group of amazing developers.

NYC Bungee will be live mid-next week on the marketplace and best of all, it’ll be free for the first month.

1) NYC Bungee

NYC Bungee is an awesome experience overall, and a great title for those new to VR and will be exclusive to arcades for three months. The title currently features three modes, a hot-air balloon ride, rock climbing, and a bungee experience, all centered around the Statue of Liberty. 

SpringboardVR customers can add NYC Bungee to their library when it launches next week!

2) Quarantined

Quarantined which is developed by Virtual Vault and is being published by Blackwall Labs is a dark, multi-player thriller style puzzle and escape room experience.

SpringboardVR customers can add Quarantined once it releases later this year!

3) War of the Worlds: Project Svalinn

Blackwall Labs third title to be released this year is War of the Worlds: Project Svalinn. Inspired by H.G. Wells classic Sci-fi novel "War of the Worlds." The arcade version will be a multiplayer wave shooter style game with some very cool new weapons and some real advancements in aiming that will blow people away.

SpringboardVR customers can add War of the Worlds: Project Svalinn once it releases later this year!

As always thanks for tuning in and check our channel for more content videos!

Hunter Lane
Content Aquisition Lead | SpringboardVR

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