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October 3, 2018 | 4 min read

The Developer Behind Bullets and More

There are many factors that go into running a successful VR Arcade, and offering premium content is certainly near the top of the list. It is very important an Arcade owner is familiar with their library, and have a carefully curated library of high-end VR experiences to have a successful VR Arcade. We sat down with Patrick König to discuss his VR title, Bullets and More, to learn how he created a high-end game that has fared well in the out-of-home VR space.

About Bullets and More

Bullets and More (or BAM) is a fast paced, realistic, first person shooting game that is sure to catch your eye. This game is relentless when it comes to updates, new weapons, maps, and transportation vehicles. It is a multiplayer game with parties up to twelve people. It also features forty completely different maps to explore, and over forty different kinds of weapons - including shot guns, assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles and so much more. It also features numerous single player game modes to practice your skills. You can jump off buildings, climb up ladders, and escape on your parachute (or helicopter), and enjoy many other new transportation devices.

History of Bullets and More

The success of Bullets and More is all due to Patrick König, who is the founder of koenigZ, and sole developer of this up-and-coming live action game. König has been developing this VR game for over two years now and is surprisingly still the sole employee of his company. He said that being the sole owner has its advantages and disadvantages. König states:

“The most important advantage is that I can do whatever I want. There is no one else telling me what I have to do.”

This autonomy allows Patrick to spend time on adjusting the gameplay to suit the needs of the players. A big part of his success with VR Arcades is that he welcomes advice and feedback about the game from VR Arcades and players themselves, and uses that feedback to create a game that can thrive in the location-based VR space.

Benefits for VR Arcades and Operators

Having a game solely targeted towards the players and what they would like to see in the game is what makes Bullets and More stand out! König listens to what the consumer wants and really tries to implement that into the game. Choosing to run the game this way has not only led to so many new aspects of the game that wouldn’t have been developed without them, but also led to a group of very loyal Bullets and More gamers that keep coming back to VR Arcades to play.

High Level Benefits
  • It was designed as a multiplayer game
  • The style of gameplay has fostered a loyal fan base, and encourages repeat business
  • Great for team building, or a group of friends that enjoy some healthy competition

Granular Benefits
  • BAM offers a large amount of content and maps to be explored that keeps players coming back to play more
  • There are so many ways you can play it, you can even customize the locomotion in detail to where the game should be playable for every person
  • The ratings are climbing with a 9/10 from Steam users, and the total minutes played through SpringboardVR continues to rise month after month

Gameplay Tips & Tricks

  • Make use of the attachments and also try to test every weapon to find the one that works best for you.
  • Perfect your skills in the Indoor Range. No enemies, no goals. You can try everything in-depth without any pressure.
  • The Longbow is an underrated weapon! Arrows stick in people’s heads, so a headshot can temporarily blind them. The bow has a distance sight, and each horizontal line in the scope represents 100 feet.
  • You can climb ladders! Just grab the ladder and climb like you would in real life. You can also use one hand to quickly climb to the top of ladders and structures.
  • For a quick getaway, use the smoke grenades!
  • You don’t have to drop your weapon to use grenades… just pull the pin with your teeth.

Why VR Customers Love It

Bullets and More has maintained such a loyal customer group and shows signs that this group will only increase in size. This game is made for the customer by listening to what they want improved and what they want to see next. The fact that the customers can play together in this multiplayer game with up to twelve people is also a huge reason for its success, and will bring not only one customer into your VR Arcade, but a group of friends looking to play together. When König was asked, “What do you want the end user in an Arcade to come away thinking?” His response was:

“They should be blown away by the amount of content and possibilities while realizing that VR is still only getting started — even more will be possible in the future!”

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