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October 4, 2018 | 4 min read

The Developer Behind AFFECTED: The Manor

There are many factors that go into running a successful VR Arcade, and offering premium content is certainly near the top of the list. It is very important an Arcade owner is familiar with their library, and have a carefully curated library of high-end VR experiences to have a successful VR Arcade. We sat down with Fallen Planet Studios to discuss their VR title, AFFECTED: The Manor, to learn how they created a high-end game that has fared well in the out-of-home VR space.

About AFFECTED: The Manor

AFFECTED: The Manor is a fully immersive horror story walkthrough. With it’s simple controls, it takes just one button to move yourself in the direction you want to go. This game is set up with a choice of two routes, four alternate endings, and a series of unfolding events that utilizes the strengths of virtual reality. This is not your typical gory experience - the thrill and simplicity of it makes it great for both beginners and VR gamers alike. The experience is inspired by real-life haunted house walkthroughs that have grown increasingly popular over the years. The simplicity of the game–never getting stuck, lost, or having a hard time figuring out the controls–gives the player the ease to really just walk through and enjoy the fright!

History Behind AFFECTED: The Manor

AFFECTED: The Manor was created solely for VR, but started first as a mobile VR experience on GearVR. It was released on mobile VR in 2016 and is still the highest rated VR experience on the Oculus Mobile store. The developing team behind this horror walkthrough is comprised of experienced developers with over thirty years in their respective fields. Fallen Planet Studios, the UK based studio, has traveled across Europe, Asia, and the United States to understand the patrons and owners of VR Arcades in order to create a VR experience suited for, and loved by, everyone.

Benefits for VR Arcades and Operators

“The simple controls and specific length allows newbies and experienced gamers alike to enjoy AFFECTED: The Manor. Our Arcade version differs from our consumer version by benefiting from a streamlined menu system that we have developed through our experience of working with VR Arcades since 2016.”
– Fallen Planet Studios, AFFECTED: The Manor

AFFECTED: The Manor has been released on Oculus and Steam and has maintained a user rating of over 90%. Fallen Planet Studios has been in constant communication with Arcades that host AFFECTED: The Manor. They understand that their success is dependent on the success of the Arcades. The line of communication between them and the Arcades is a huge priority, giving Fallen Planet Studios the ability to share all the experience and knowledge they have gained from some of the most successful VR Arcades around the world.

Assets for VR Arcades

Fallen Planet Studios will supply Arcade partners with free digital artwork to print off and display in their store to promote AFFECTED: The Manor. Also, if the Arcade supplies Fallen Planet Studios with their logo they will add it into the artwork so it is bespoke to their location.

Additionally, Fallen Planet Studios offers supported social media campaigns, free of charge, to Arcade partners. This includes the facility of personalized posters, and shares/retweets of any Arcade’s that mention having AFFECTED: The Manor in their content library, as well as post videos & pictures of people playing the game on the Arcade’s Twitter.

Personalized poster examples offered by Fallen Planet Studios

Why VR Customers Will Love It

Fallen Planet Studios is a great company that really values highly the customer experience. When asked, “What do you want the end user in an Arcade to walk away thinking?”, they answered, “The thing that we always pick up on is that the user comes out of the experience talking about how it made them FEEL, not the score they got or whether the controls were too difficult… This is really important to us and tells us the player was immersed - and that we did our job right.” Everyone loves the thrill of walking through a haunted house and now players have that opportunity to do so year round.

Add AFFECTED: The Manor to your VR Arcade library today! Now priced at 6 cents per minute!

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