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January 14, 2021 | 3 min read

ğŸŽ‰ The New Year is finally here and we've got a few amazing games on promotion, along with one big winner from last month's VR Trend Magazine Giveaway! ğŸŽ‰

Start 2021 off right with some new content and a subscription to VR Trend Magazine!

Redline VR wins the VR Trend Magazine subscription giveaway!

Congratulations to our friends at Redline VR for winning last month's VR Trend Magazine subscription giveaway! VR Entertainment Venue and producers of last year's Altered Festival, Redline VR provides Chicago's premier VR Experience!

And make sure to check out VR Trend's Arcade tier subscription which is geared toward VR Arcade owners looking to add some printed content to their booth space! Give your customers something to look at while they wait to enter the metaverse. This Tier includes 10 magazines bulk mailed to your arcade, shipping is included. 

Head on over to their website for more information and to snag a subscription!

In addition, if you would like to be listed in their VR arcade directory in the magazine, send an email to [email protected]!

Rhythmatic and NYC Bungee from the team at Blackwall Labs are free until - February 28, 2021

Rhythmatic is officially taking VR Arcade by storm! Only a month after release, this multi-player rhythm game has found its way into the Top 10 on the SpringboardVR Marketplace!

Set in an ethereal, evolving world for up to 6 players. Rhythmatic takes the concept of slicing along to the music into the stratosphere.

SpringboardVR customers can add Rhythmatic to their library by following the button below.

Add Rhythmatic to Your Library

In this breathtakingly beautiful experience, players will get the opportunity to bungee jump from one of the world’s most iconic landmarks. Take the elevator right to the famous torch of the Statue of Liberty before soaking up the scenery and finally jumping off in this daredevil challenge which is certainly not for the faint of heart!

SpringboardVR customers can add NYC Bungee to their library by following the button below.

Add NYC Bungee to Your Library

Rhythm 'n Bullets is now live on the SpringboardVR Marketplace and free until January 20, 2021!

Travel across the virtual zone and defend the core by guiding a pair of starfighters through the shoot 'em up action of Rhythm 'n Bullets. Enemies fly in from all sides, diving towards the core in time with the soundtrack.

Time your shots to the beat for maximum effect, and grab awesome power-ups to clear the stage.

SpringboardVR customers can add Rhythm 'n Bullets to their library by following the button below.

Add Rhythm 'n Bullets to Your Library

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Hunter Lane
Marketing & Community Lead | SpringboardVR

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