DoubleTap KC: Innovating LBEVR in 2020


December 18, 2020 | 5 min read

In 2020, the key for VR Arcades around the world has been innovation.

Amid constantly changing mandates and the general craziness of 2020, DoubleTap KC, a VR Arcade in Kansas City, Missouri, has been able to take its location to new heights in preparation for 2021.

As DoubleTap KC co-founder Terry Keith put it, “Things are weird - it’s 2020!"

Keith and his team opened their arcade in June of this year so restrictions and mandates are all they’ve known.

Despite the hardships and difficulties of running a business in 2020, Keith said it has provided them opportunities to refine their business, something that would have been much harder to do with a packed house.

He said that like a majority of small-business owners, they are having to adapt to survive but that they hope COVID cases start to trend downward in 2021 so people can once again enjoy socially-distanced fun with friends and family.

Along with staying up-to-date and compliant with local mandates and ordinances, Keith said that innovation has been key to both refining their business, but also keeping it afloat.

“Although it’s hard for small businesses like mine to hear you are cutting down our hours without any compensation, we comply,” Keith said. “We recently hosted a pop-up grill to drive in additional revenue by selling food, have started selling to-go drinks, and are coming up with a virtual date night idea soon! We just keep innovating in hopes that we can make it through.”

If there’s one thing that has been consistent during 2020 is that nothing during 2020 has been consistent. Keith said the ability to switch gears and try something new to drive in new business is vital, along with providing the best customer experience possible.

Keith added that following mandates and ensuring your location is compliant with any local ordinances is an absolute must.

“Ensure everyone on your staff is compliant with the mandates in effect in your area and have no tolerance for associates that don’t wear their masks properly,” Keith said. “The number one thing is that you ensure everyone that walks through your door feels comfortable so they tell their friends and word spreads about your safety precautions.”

Like many VR Arcades around the world, DoubleTap KC takes customer service to the next level to help ensure their customers not only have an amazing experience but are eager to come back. Keith said he and his staff make sure they are always available to answer questions and assist the customers with anything they may need.

“Once our customers are in their lane, we always ask if they have been there before and if they have a game in mind,” Keith said. “If they don’t, we’re quick to recommend a few games right off the bat to get them started. These are easy games that allow them to get familiar with how the controls and headsets work and also provide a good gaming experience.”

Keith said as a general rule of thumb, they check-in with customers every five minutes, even if it’s just to ensure they aren’t stuck on a game. He said that management is also made familiar with all games on the headset so they can instruct customers on how to play, ensuring a smooth game-playing experience.

When it comes to driving repeat business, Keith said Tower Tag and Elven Assassin are their go-to games and that having good and easy to understand games helps create those repeat customers. DoubleTap KC has also seen success with a weekly tournament they host every Thursday night.

“We have a lot of 2-6 player escape rooms which we have pushed extensively on social media adverts as well the VR Arcade session,” Mair said.“We also made a very cool launch video for our Hammersmith venue which has been included in a lot of our adverts and has gained a good amount of traction.”

According to Keith, the biggest difference for most people between a home VR system and playing VR in a bar/arcade is the added multiplayer and social experience, and that he’d love to see more high-quality, team-driven multiplayer games for arcades.

“There are a few really good games, but with the number of games out there, I’d expect more,” Keith said. “If we could get a good, simple multiplayer shooting game (think Pistol Whip or SUPERHOT) that would be amazing!”

As for many small businesses out there, this year has thrown DoubleTap KC numerous curveballs but through constant and clever innovation, along with their team’s commitment to safety and customer service, their team continues to provide a top-quality VR experience to their customers.

“Being the first virtual reality arcade and pub in our area, we feel we have big shoes to fill,” Keith said. “If you’re ever in the Kansas City metro area, please come by and see us at 310 Oak St. Kansas City, MO.

“We are excited to enter the VR scene and hope to be around for years to come!”

Thanks to the DoubleTap KC team for sitting down with us to chat more about their location and all the amazing things they do to provide Kansas City's best VR Arcade experience!


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