Blueprint Reality Partners with SpringboardVR


February 19, 2019 | 3 min read

VR Arcade players can create, capture, and share their favorite in-game moments in mixed reality with their social communities!

Vancouver, BC — February 7, 2019 — Blueprint Reality Inc. (Blueprint), the creators of the MixCast VR Marketing System, a virtual reality broadcasting platform, today announced a partnership agreement with SpringboardVR, the leading station management platform for location-based VR. The two companies plan to add a whole new dimension to the VR arcade experience — now, game players can easily share the magical experiences they encounter inside their favorite VR games via their social media networks!

MixCast VR Photobooth, a component of the MixCast VR Marketing System, allows VR game players to create fun memories by capturing pictures and video of their real-life selves inside their favorite VR gaming experiences. The MixCast VR Marketing System can be used to distribute these mixed reality “Pics & Clips” which can then be shared with social communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Not only does MixCast allow VR arcade operators to leverage the power of social media to create awareness for their venues and the games they make available, but it can also help explain what VR is to potential customers.

“Working with Blueprint Reality to bring MixCast to our VR arcade operators is going to give them an additional revenue stream from sales of mixed reality media and provide additional promotion and awareness for their facility” said SpringboardVR CEO, Brad Scoggin. “These are some of the biggest challenges our operators face — generating awareness and increasing revenue — and we’re excited to be able to offer them a new way to do both.”

“We’re excited to partner with SpringboardVR and bring MixCast to SpringboardVR arcade operators around the world.” said Tarrnie Williams, Blueprint CEO. “We know that marketing VR can be a tough prospect, and we’re pleased to offer operators a great solution.”

Interested in MixCast?

If you’re a SpringboardVR arcade operator who is interested in offering MixCast Pics & Clips to your customers, please contact [email protected].

Content Providers
If you’re a content provider and would like your game to be available for the MixCast VR Marketing System, please integrate the free MixCast SDK, which is available for projects built in Unity and Unreal and available on the MixCast website at For more information please contact us at [email protected].

About Blueprint Reality
Blueprint Reality are the creators of the MixCast platform and the MixCast VR Marketing System, a video-based mixed reality program that puts customers into a VR experience, automatically captures photo and video of them in the virtual world they’re in, and delivers immediately accessible, personalized, sharable social media content. Learn more at Blueprint Reality was selected by Ready to Rocket as a 2018 Revenue Growth Leader of Tomorrow. Link to press kit here.

About SpringboardVR
SpringboardVR is station management, game launching and content distribution for location-based VR. SpringboardVR makes the best VR content available to everyone, everywhere. Over 4 million minutes played monthly in 450+ locations totaling over 2,250 headsets and 40 + countries.

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