2018 VR Arcade White Paper


September 20, 2018 | 1 min read

Download the 2018 VR Arcade White Paper

With the right business plan, the right tools, and the right information, running a VR Arcade can be a profitable endeavor. We’re proud to share that the majority of VR Arcades on the SpringboardVR platform are at break-even or better and we’re tracking millions of minutes every month from VR Arcades in 40+ countries.

Why does that matter?

Because VR Arcades are shaping the future of the entire VR industry. Millions of people will try VR for the first time in an out-of-home location and the battle for mass consumer adoption is being fought one customer, one VR Arcade at a time.

Using data from 400+ locations using SpringboardVR, we compiled a list of top VR locations and spoke with their owners to understand their tactics and strategies to be successful in the VR industry. We also partnered with university researchers to conduct an in-depth 110 question survey of over 150 Arcades on our platform. Based on what we’ve learned, we provide some recommendations and best practices on how to run a successful VR Arcade.

We provide our top 9 recommendations for running and growing a profitable VR Arcade. Download the 2018 VR Arcade White Paper below. Enjoy!

Download the White Paper

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