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March 18, 2019 | 3 min read

This article was written by Hunter Lane, Content Team Ninja and Technical Support Account Manager at SpringboardVR.

For out-of-home VR Arcade venues, the vast majority of their customers have never tried VR, so making sure they experience the absolute best content is non-negotiable. Some developers have grasped onto this and ran with the idea of making their titles better suited for the out-of-home VR space in general. From small tweaks to wide-sweeping changes, Arcade Modes as a whole help ensure the end-user has an incredible experience (even if they are newbies) and increases the likelihood of return business.

QuiVr developers, BlueTeak, have what is considered one of the top VR-archery experiences available and has seen success in the out-of-home space for some time now. QuiVr was one of the first VR Content Creators to see the potential of location-based VR, and have been a staple in VR Arcade for more than two years.

In late 2018, BlueTeak released QuiVr: Vanguard––a "bite-sized" version of their flagship title.

Features and Mechanics

QuiVr: Vanguard takes all the awesome mechanics and gameplay of QuiVr and puts it in a smaller, easier-to-digest version. Here's a few of the awesome features and mechanics QuiVr: Vanguard has implemented to make it a great fit for out-of-home VR:

  1. Fast-paced, wave-based gamelplay!
  2. The average round of QuiVr: Vanguard lasts 10–15 minutes (instead of the more drawn out gameplay of the original).
  3. Accuracy counts! More skill = better bonuses!
  4. Drop-in/drop-out multiplayer with a simpler lobby system so anyone can quickly get into the action!
  5. The average attempt is about 10–15 minutes. In the original QuiVr build, players can play for a very long time before your gate is broken in the story mode. Thus, the Vanguard build is the perfect fix!
  6. There are round bonuses for accuracy.
  7. Players will be able to jump right in and start playing. There is no lobby system like there is in the home version, so it will be easy for anyone to play without getting lost.
  8. Instead of having to slowly unlock rewards and progress in the normal version of QuiVr, users are able to experience the title in a quicker, more streamlined way.

It's super fun to team up with a group of friends in QuiVr: Vanguard and see how long you all can survive the waves of endless enemies and what awesome upgrades you can find along the way! A lot of us here prefer anything explosive or with an AoE effect, but maybe that's just because we are bad shots ;)

QuiVr has been a staple at VR Arcades for a long time running now, and if you enjoy the original version you should definitely give QuiVr: Vanguard a try!

This article was written by Hunter Lane, Content Team Ninja and Technical Support Account Manager at SpringboardVR.

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