New and Improved SpringboardVR Marketplace!


August 11, 2020 | 3 min read

Check out the new and improved SpringboardVR Marketplace!

Despite 2020 throwing a few wrenches in everyone's plans, we took some of that downtime to give our Marketplace a much needed update.

Here at SpringboardVR, we pride ourselves in being the go-to for LBE content licensing and we want our marketplace to be the best of the best for both operators and content creators.VR Until You Fall

Here’s a rundown of the major changes, improvements, and tweaks we've made to our Marketplace recently:

Regional Pricing

Regional pricing is now live on the platform! SpringboardVR is a proud supporter of the VR industry, wherever you may be, and regional content pricing makes sure your arcade is running as cost-efficiently as possible.

Game Ratings

As we all know, content is king, so we’re making sure you know which games will provide a top-tier experience for your customers. For the past year and a half, we’ve been compiling user scores and have amassed more than 1.5 million customer reviews since then. Providing an amazing experience for every customer is key, and our data can help ensure you’ve got the best VR content library in town.

Test Content When on Trial

Figuring out what content to feature at your location can be difficult, especially when you’re just starting out! SpringboardVR allows you to test some of the best content out there for free during your trial period! Some of the top titles available in LBE currently, like Creed: Rise to Glory Arcade, Tower Tag, and Angry Birds VR, are available to you, FREE, during your trial period.

Quality of Life Improvements 

We've also added more feature improvements to the Marketplace that we're sure Operators will enjoy and benefit from!

  • New banner for featured content 
  • Improved marketplace filtering 
  • Added an "Update Notes" feature for content and added a “Most Recently Updated” filter to the marketplace
  • Added a "Discounted Titles" filter
  • Added a short description for improved visibility in marketplace and launcher 
  • Added a gameplay trailer 
    • When uploaded, this video is now the preview video instead of the content trailer that is shown on the video reel. 
  • Added direct link to marketing assets/instructions in content details* 
  • Added direct link to content creators support email in content details* 
  • Added language support information 
  • Added system requirement information 
  • Improved Marketplace filtering logic

*Operators must license the title from SpringboardVR to access these features and information 

As always thanks for tuning in and check our channel for more content videos!

Hunter Lane
Content Acquisition Lead | SpringboardVR

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