Marketing a VR Arcade: Every Impression Counts


October 18, 2017 | 2 min read

Round Table Creative Consulting CEO, Jon-Luke Ratliff, provides insight on what he has learned about effectively marketing a VR Arcade.

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I would say the most important part of your marketing strategy, if you’re thinking about starting a VR arcade or if you currently are a VR arcade owner, is the process of people seeing your brand, learning about your VR arcade, all the way to them walking into the store and putting on the headset, and leaving with an overall really good experience and wanting to come back. When we started developing our marketing strategy for Upward VR we knew that there was going to be quite a bit of education involved for someone who maybe had never heard of VR or wasn’t familiar with how that looked or how it worked. We use the website really as a hub, not only for information about Upward VR, but also about virtual reality in general, what to expect. What type of games we had.

We put on some gameplay videos so they could see the type of experience that they could come in, so any marketing efforts that we did push out publicly, we always brought it back to the website. For whatever piece of awareness that we were trying to raise, but that’s only half the process of actually getting a paying customer into your store. Something that SpringboardVR has really helped us with is having the online booking widget that we can embed directly onto our Upward VR website. That way the traffic that we do get to the website, it doesn’t just stop there. They then have the opportunity to go ahead and book their time online, pay for it if they wish to do so, the arcade, which is to have that available to them.

I think that just really helps the overall process because if someone has never experienced virtual reality, or never been in a VR arcade, it might seem overwhelming. It might seem like, well now you need to take this step and then do this and then do this and now you put the headset on. Any way that we can make it easier and more streamlined for them to set their time, already pay, already have everything booked, they can walk in, start their reservation and start playing almost immediately.

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