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October 8, 2018 | 4 min read

The Developers Behind Elven Assassin

There are many factors that go into running a successful VR Arcade, and offering premium content is certainly near the top of the list. It is very important an Arcade owner is familiar with their library, and have a carefully curated library of high-end VR experiences to have a successful VR Arcade. We sat down with Wenkly Studio to discuss their VR title, Elven Assassin, to learn how they created a high-end game that has fared well in the out-of-home VR space.

About Elven Assassin

Elven Assassin is a fantasy VR archery action game where a user can hunt trolls, orcs, dragons, and other fantasy creatures. The Elven Assassin has the duty of guarding various lands by defeating the enemy. You can play in single mode by yourself to conquer the enemy, or fight off the orcs and their massive axes in co-op mode with a group of your most trusted assassins. You won’t be able to stop playing this action packed assassin game, killing hundreds of creatures and shooting long distance headshots with your bow.

History of Elven Assassin

The developers at Wenkly Studios sought to give users a skillset in VR that they would not be able to recreate in real life.

“We wanted to create a more realistic and serious world in which you would feel like a pro with a bow and arrow in your hands.”

The Wenkly Studio development team used information from developing mobile apps to deliver the thought-through user experience and optimized gameplay. Even though they have history in other methods of gameplay, Elven Assassin was made specifically for VR.

Benefits for VR Arcades and Operators

Elven Assassin combines easy-to-start immersive experience for first-time customers, as well as a great experience for a group of friends that want to come in for a meet-up and play multiplayer. The game was built for room-scale virtual reality, making it a perfect experience for VR. All modes of the game, including co-op, can be played in fifteen minutes or less. The game is so thrilling––though, that fifteen minutes often isn’t long enough. This game thrives in VR Arcades for many reasons, but the biggest reason is the “replayability.” With Elven Assassin, a VR Arcade owner will see consistent play time and returning business from groups of friends visiting for the multiplayer capability.

  • Each Arcade can create their own park code, that way multiplayer games you create can only be visible for your Arcade.
  • It has park-local real-time updated leaderboards that can be accessed on the specific website. These have been created and displayed on the TV screen so there is no need of having a blackboard.
  • The developers have created HQ ready-to-print posters, PVP Tournament certificates, and other interesting material. They are all available here.

PVP Deathmatch

PVP deathmatch mode, which was released this year, quickly became very popular across the Arcades. Most Arcade operators claim that besides the casual matches between friends it is also a great fit for holding events and doing tournaments. Keep this in your back pocket for the next time you’re thinking about creating a tournament at your VR Arcade!

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

  • Always be listening. If you hear an axe coming, duck or run out of the way.
  • Learn how to use your spells. They can be very helpful!
  • The dragon is very hard to kill, so try to stay out of its way. If your paths do cross, immediately start firing at it with arrows.

Why VR Customers Will Love It

Elven Assassin lets you escape into a fantasy world of defeating orcs, trolls, dragons, and other fantasy creatures. You and your friends can play together online. Submerge yourself into the game with your most trusted assassins and guard the elven towns from evil creatures. This game will keep customers playing over and over again, with one of the top sellers of the game being “replayability.”

Add Elven Assassin to your VR Arcade library today! Now priced at 6 cents per minute!

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